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2016 - 10 - 25
People are our most valuable resourceWe act as a team, individual heroism is not rewardedEmployees must be honest, upright, responsible and maintain the highest standards of ethical beh...

Wang Qiwen

Wang Qiwen


Wang Qiwen is a partner of Co-Stone, is in charge of PE investment and corporate finance, he is based in Shenzhen.

Prior to joining Co-Stone, Mr. Wang has worked in Dongfeng Motor, Hainan Airport, Dapeng Securities and Dapeng Venture Capital, he has spent over 18 years in private equity investment industry, and conducted the investment in Dezhan Health (and its subsidiary Jialin Pharmaceutical), Hutian New Material, ZCCCT, CKIC, Kexin, CSII, Snibe. Mindary, Medprin, ZIMT, Bright Eye Hospital and Pagoda.

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